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St Thomas More Catholic First School

Diocesan Education Service
St Thomas More Catholic First School

 Diocesan Education Service

 Diocesan Education Service

This week we will be working each day towards designing and making bird houses to encourage birds to our school grounds.

Check back daily to see a blog of our progress.

Day Five: Friday


Our final day! 

This morning we have cut and stuck the perches and cut and stuck the roofs and bases.

We have our first finished bird boxes!


IMG 7261 Small


IMG 7262 Small


IMG 7263 Small


Day Four: Thursday


Today we have drilled the entrance holes and stuck / nailed our walls together. 

We then made templates for the roofs and bases which we will cut out of plastic card on Friday.


Most of our guides to tool use are finished and we have started researching garden birds so we can identify what will use the boxes. We also made some sketches to help us identify different birds.


IMG 7251 Small


Capture4 Small


IMG 7221 Small


IMG 7233 Small


IMG 7235 Small


IMG 7253 Small


IMG 7240 Small


IMG 7238 Small


IMG 7252 Small 


IMG 7236 Small



Day Three: Wednesday


Today we continued preparing our components by sawing accurately and sanding down.

We also continued our guides to using tools and researched where and how best to use our bird houses once they are finished.


IMG 7206 Small


IMG 7209 Small


IMG 7210 Small


Capture2 Small




Day Two: Tuesday


Today we have been marking out our wood and some of us have cut our sides, front and back panels out.


We have also started making guides to using tools safely for the other children in school.


IMG 7192 Small


IMG 7195 Small


IMG 7197 Small


IMG 7202 Small


Capture 1 Small

Day One: Monday


First, we took apart some bought bird boxes (products) to see how they were made.


IMG 7171 Small


IMG 7174 Small


We studied and measured the component parts to give us ideas for our designs.

We also looked at how they were fixed together.


 IMG 7177 Small


IMG 7178 Small



Next, we started detailed designs and some of us practiced a few of the skills we will need when making our own.

IMG 7184 Small


IMG 7183 Small


IMG 7190 Small 


IMG 7191 Small


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